LGPS Central supports shareholder resolution at mining firm on anti-climate lobbying

LGPS Central will vote to support a shareholder resolution filed at BHP Ltd, the world’s largest mining company, recommending that the firm suspends membership of trade associations which lobby to undermine the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Originally co-filed by a range of investors, including the Church of England Pensions Board, the resolution urges BHP to use lobbying as a constructive force, not one that could be used to disrupt the fight against climate change.

Michael Marshall, Director of Responsible Investment and Engagement at LGPS Central Limited, said: “BHP has led the way in being transparent in its memberships of trade associations. Some trade associations, however, continue to lobby in a manner that undermines the goals of the Paris Agreement.

We’re determined to engage with companies both in support of their own alignment with the Paris Goals, but also to support a clear investor voice saying that the funding of powerful anti-climate lobbyists is not appropriate.”

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