Partnership is Our Purpose

LGPS Central Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an asset manager and operator of alternative investment funds.


We have a clear open way of doing things that reflects our strategy and meets our Staff, Partner and the FCA requirements.


We believe transparency and legitimacy underpins all our work and therefore accountability is embedded in all we do.


We actively encourage creativity and good ideas from our people and from our Partners.

LGPS Central Limited

About LGPS Central Limited

Our commitment is to develop the right values and behaviours supporting a diverse and inclusive working environment.

These Values are built into the seven key areas of operational delivery, including the development of products and services, Client Service and Reporting Frameworks, Shareholder engagement plans and corporate governance. In addition to this the Values and Behaviours are incorporated into all elements of the HR and Engagement Strategy including our workforce policies, training and development, remuneration and selection policies.

Our Partner Funds

Cheshire Pension Fund
Nottingham County Council
Staffordshire Pension Fund
West Midlands Pension Fund
Derbyshire Pension Fund
Leicestershire County Council Pension Fund
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